Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tree Frog Jewelry

handmade glass frog bead pendantThe lampwork glass frog beads at kincaidesigns.com were designed after the tree frogs found on the Caribbean island of Saba. These small creatures are known to consume their habitat with their noise at night. Extremely similar to the sound of crickets, the frog's symphony will carry throughout the night. They are about the same size as the frog you find on your glass bead.

Each of the glass frog beads seem to look at you with their own unique facial expression. Because they are handmade, each one is different, so you can keep collecting them without receiving a duplicate.

The glass frog beads come in all colors, and the most popular are those whole coloring resembles the Red-eyed tree frogs, who are characterized by their bright red eyes and bright green and blue bodies. Their toes are also a bright orange, making them a beautiful frog species. You'll find them commonly photographed, because they look so bright and colorful in pictures.

glass frog bead red eyed tree frog pendant beadThese tree frogs are nocturnal, which is why their eyes are red, it helps them see. Those who wanted photographs of these frogs would have to venture out at night and peek into the bottom of potted plants, into flower blossoms, or any other small moist habitat. Due to their size, they don't require a large living space.

They are a beautiful species, and easily inspire many to create art based on their kind. You can find more treefrog art at www.frogstore.com.

Read more about the Saba Tree Frogs at the Sea Saba Diving website.

To shop for your unique handmade glass frog bead or glass frog pendants, visit Kincaidesigns.com. We have many to choose from, or have yours custom made.

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