Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Estate Jewelry Vs. Vintage Jewelry

What is the difference between estate jewelry and vintage jewelry?
Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned, by anyone. All the jewelry in your jewelry box is considered estate jewelry if you were to sell it to someone else. Antique jewelry is actually defined as being 100 years old or more. These pieces are highly sought after by collectors and tend to be very expensive depending on their condition.

Restored Estate Jewelry
Estate and Antique jewelry shopping is a trend for buyers to buy and sell unique pieces from past decades and outdated or retired designers. These pieces are often bought at estate sales of those who are moving, cleaning house, or someone has passed away.

These pieces are sometimes in excellent condition and ready for resale after a quick cleaning, while others require restoration. Restoration can include replacing stones, clasps, repairing a link, etc. Many people are attracted to estate or antique jewelry because most pieces are truly unique and hard to find.

Using estate jewelry findings
Estate and Antique jewelry shopping is also a hobby of jewelry designers who are looking for unique focal pieces or unusual materials to work into their modern jewelry designs. This creates a truly innovative and eclectic jewelry design that will have you stand apart from a crowd. These pieces are considered limited editions, as jewelry designers usually cannot find two of the same piece.

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