Monday, February 09, 2009

Buying jewelry for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day, that one special day a year that you are supposed to show that special somone how much you love them with a special gift or gesture. Yea, right! What about birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or showing "thanks" on Thanksgiving. Let's face it, some love Valentine's Day, and some hate it - deeming it the one holiday created by retailers to make the extra sale in the name of love, also known as a "Hallmark Holiday."

Well, like it or not, it's coming up, and she is probably expecting you to showcase your love for her. So, get on the ball and start planning!

So, what do you get on Valentines Day that isn't a box of chocolates and a heart shaped balloon? Well, as cliche as it sounds, flowers are a good start, and you can never go wrong with jewelry. After all, diamonds are a girls best friend.

Let's start with a question that can help you narrow it down: Who is she?

Your girlfriend
Ok, so you've been dating this girl for a few months, and your first Valentine's Day is coming up. Unless you are planning on proposing, diamonds probably aren't the best choice. Believe me, you'll have plenty of time to spend your money in a fine jewelry store.

For now, stick with something simple. Fashion jewelry might be too cheap, depending on the store and the brand. So I would stick with a category of jewelry called "Bridge Jewelry." This is the jewelry that is more valuable than cheap metal, plastic beads and rhinestones, but much less expensive than fine jewelry with fine gemstones. Typically, bridge jewelry will be made from sterling silver, gold-fill, semi-precious gemstones, pearls and fine crystals, such as Swarovski Crystals. Most bridge jewelry is handmade, which make for an even more unique gift.

So, if you can find this type of jewelry, try a pair of earrings (if her ears are pierced.) They are easier on the budget than a necklace or bracelet. Don't forget to budget for a dinner out, or at the least, a well planned dinner over at your place.

Tip: If you know her birthday, try finding earrings with her birthstones.

Serious girlfriend
Are you thinking about proposing? Try popping the question with a diamond engagement ring. If that is too cliche for you (proposing on Valentine's Day), then keep you night simple and surprise her on a day she'll least expect it.

You've already bought a diamond engagement ring, and you are probably still paying it off. Do you really need to buy MORE diamonds? Well, the answer is no. She is probably still smiling at her engagement ring when she thinks no-one is noticing, so you're probably good for awhile. But, here are a few suggestions if Valentine's Day falls during your engagement.

1. Buy her wedding band to go with her engagement ring. If you haven't already picked it out, she may enjoy shopping for more diamonds. And you were going to buy it anyways, make an event out of it. Plus, you could pick out your wedding band too, if that excites you.

2. Buy her a gift certificate to a spa. She could use it before your wedding for manicures, pedicures, a massage, facial, or anything to beautify. Or, she just might like the wedding planning stress relief.

3. Something blue. You could buy her a bracelet or anklet for her to wear on your wedding day. Keep it simple. Aquamarine or Sapphire are great choices. Most women like their "blue" to be subtle, or even hidden, it's more of a superstitious tradition than a fashion statement.

4. Sometime it's just the thought that counts. If you are still paying off her engagement ring, maybe the best decision you could make is to keep working on just that. Instead of an elaborate gift, just cook a romantic candle light dinner and bring flowers and a card. Don't forget to make dessert, women love sweets!

Your wife
This totally depends on your own traditions. Some couples make agreements to just go out to dinner as the gift of a night out, some surprise one another after making the "no gifts" rule, and some treat every Valentines Day as an "I love you more " competition, going all out. Whatever category you fall into, here are a few suggestions for gifts.

1. Diamond earrings. Most women wont go out an buy them on their own, and if you are newly married, her wedding ring is the most bling she wears on a regular basis. A pair of diamond studded earrings is an essential for every womans jewelry box. They match everything, and always look stunning.

2. Just because you are married, doesn't mean you can afford diamonds. Expecially in this economy. Plus, many couple will wait for the anniversary or birthday to give such a special gift. Instead, try bridge jewelry. It's valuable, unique, but wont break your budget.

3. Cooking dinner is a huge plus for wives and mothers. They are always in the kitchen, always cooking, cleaning up, and keeping the household together. How about the day off? Plan a meal you can make while you send her out shopping, or to the spa for the day. When she comes home to a romantic meal that she hasn't cooked, she'll fall in love with you all over again. Make sure she doesn't clean up either, that's all part of the "night off" gift idea.

What about the men?
Ladies, don't forget that Valentine's day isn't just a holiday for him to pamper you. You need to plan something for him as well. Obviously you can't BOTH cook a fancy dinner for eachother, but if you know he is planning something, then find him a special gift. Maybe it's tickets to an upcoming game or concert, or a new watch. You know what he's had his eye on. So, make sure he feels the love on Valentine's Day too.

By the way, Valentines day is coming up quickly. So start planning now!

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